Croissant Dough

Despite its French name (croissant = crescent), the croissant has Austrian origin. In 1683, troops of the Ottoman Empire, after several failed attempts to conquer Vienna, decided to dig an underground tunnel, but the bakers, who worked at dawn, heard the noise from the pickaxes and alerted the army.

The Turks failed once again to take over Vienna and the bakers, to celebrate the victory, made a crescent-shaped dough in order to fool the flag and the symbol of the Ottoman Empire. The product quickly became popular among Viennese and almost a century later became “croissant” by French bakers who perfected its recipe and presented new varieties.

So the French croissant stands out for the large honeycomb in the structure of the dough and the intense butter aroma in contrast to another famous croissant dough, the Danish, which is characterized by low honeycomb and is usually filled with fruit and cream.

Ham & cheese premium croissant
Gouda, ham and authentic bechamel.
Croissant 4 cheeses, bacon, regato
4 cheeses, smoked bacon, regato.
Croissant apple + Croissant mini apple
Apple, walnuts, raisins, cinnamon.
Croissant chocolate baton + Croissant mini chocolate baton


Margarine croissant + Mini margarine croissant
Butter croissant + Mini butter croissant