Bougatsa pastry dominated in the Hellenic area after the Asia Minor disaster from the Northern Greece to Epirus and from Peloponnese to Crete. However, it was particularly naturalized as made-in-Serres, since a large number of refugees from Asia Minor accommodated in Northern Greece.

Bougatsa does not fall short of popularity in Thessaloniki all these years. In 1917 the Guild of Bougatsa Makers was founded in Thessaloniki and two years afterwards it gathered 51 numbers, a not insignificant number. 

After 1922, the spread of bougatsa in the Hellenic area is accelerated and the art evolved. Today, despite the long history, bougatsa is still a daily desirable delicacy with devoted fans and, as it seems, its future will be as rich as its taste.

Traditional Bougatsa with Cream From Serres
Bougatsini With Cream + Bougatsa With Cream


Bougatsini with cheese + Bougatsa with cheese + Traditional bougatsa with cheese from Serres


Vegan Sweet Bougatsa With Almond Filling
Sweet almond cream.
Bougatsini with spinach filling + Traditional bougatsa with spinach from Serres + Bougatsini with spinach & cheese
Spinach | Spinach and chesse.
Bougatsini with minced meat + Traditional bougatsa with minced meat from Serres
Minced meat, parsley, onion, spices.