Kourou, Koulouri & Multigrain

Kourou dough is a specially designed dough with a very rich taste that when being baked does not swell but becomes crispy like a cookie.

Koulouri are a trademark of every bakery… Although they do not have a registered designation of origin, their history dates back to the time of the Byzantine Empire and they appeared mainly in Constantinople and Thessaloniki.

The word koulouri derives from the Byzantine word “kollikion” which refers to many Byzantine scripts and means round bread.

Mizithra cheese.
Philadelphia type and Greek yogurt multigrain
Cream cheese, yogurt.
Koulouri with cheese + Koulouri pie with philadelphia + Koulouri with ham and cheese
Cheese | Philadelphia cheese | Cheese, ham.
Koulouri with 4 cheeses

Kefalotyri, Blue cheese, Feta PDO , Myzithra cheese, sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Koulouri with turkey and Philadelphia

Turkey, Philadelphia, sprinkled with mix of white and black sesame.

Koulouri with tomato and olive

Tomato sauce and olives, sprinkled with mix of white and black sesame

Koulouri with praline

Hazelnut praline, sprinkled with black biscuit.