Pizza Dough - Brioche

The history of pizza, even though it is not clear where it comes from, goes back to Naples, as the Neapolitan pizza was established as a synonym for pizza.

In the 16th century, women in Naples opened the dough into a round shape and placed on it the leftovers of the previous day. Fresh vegetables were also added before baking in the oven. Pizza was a simple, rustic and hearty meal that was easily made and eaten by hand, without dishes.

Pizza became the world-famous food we know when pizza immigrated along with the Italians to America in the 1930s and discovered by Americans. This direction also contributed to the war, as the soldiers who invaded Italy in 1943-44 were impressed by pizza and wanted to taste it in their homeland.

Pizza Special
Smoked pepperoni & bacon, salami, gouda, tomato sauce, green pepper and Greek oregano.
Mediterranean Pizza + Pizza with no cold cuts
White soft cheese, gouda, tomato sauce, Kalamata olives, Florina peppers and mushrooms | Gouda, tomato sauce and Greek oregano.
Brioche with chicken fillets, cheese and mustard sauce
Chicken fillets, mustard & cheese sauce.
Brioche peinirli
Ham, gouda cheese, bacon, sauce.