Puff Pastry

The story of the classic puff pastry begins in France where they opened and kneaded the dough around a frozen plate of butter. They opened the dough, folded it and turned it several times to spread the butter evenly.

So, we have the French puff pastry, the most common, which stands out for its volume, rich foliage and buttery aroma.

The puff pastry requires a special turning and folding technique in order to create layers of dough that trap air between them and during baking create its well-known foliage.

There are many ways of preparing puff pastry and experts use different proportions of butter and flour, different ways of unifying butter and different types of folds in the dough.

Other popular puff pastries are German and Scottish.

Multigrain tread with smoked turkey, anthotyros & philadelphia
Puff pastry dough with wholemeal flour, smoked turkey, Philadelphia cream cheese and anthotyros, sprinkled with mixture of seeds and cereals.
Tread with Cretan graviera
Crete Gruyere PDO.
Tread with smoked bacon, ham and mozzarella
Smoked bacon, mozzarella and ham.
Tread with cold cuts and gouda
Double ham, pizza sauce, gouda cheese.
Premium pie with philadelphia cream cheese
Philadelphia cream cheese.
Butter cheese pie
Cheese, butter.
Triangle cheese pie + Boureki


Serres sausage pie
Round pie with ham & cheese + Special round pie with ham, cheese & tomato sauce + Pie with yellow cheese filling
Double ham, gouda | Double ham, gouda, sauce | Semihard cheese PDO, gouda.