Cream-Filled Pastries


Bougatsa pastry dominated in the Hellenic area aſterwards the Asia Minor destruction from Northern Greece to Epirus and from Peloponnese to Crete.


Particularly however it was naturalised as made-in Serres, since in Northern Greece was accomodated big number of refugees from the Asia Minor.

Bougatsa does not fall short of popularity especially in Thessalonica, all these years. In 1917 is founded the Guild of pastry of Thessalonica and two years aſterwards it assembles 51 members, number not at insignificant.


Afterwards 1922, the distribution of bougatsa in the hellenic area is accelerated and her art develops. Today, despite the big historical way, bougatsa continue being a daily desirable dish with devotional partisans and, as it appears, her future appears so much rich just like her flavour.